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Ecommerce is the process of doing business with the use of electronic technology.

Techzesty is one such Ecommerce development Agency, that is highly specialized in providing B2B applications, B2C applications, Ecommerce portal development services and the other web development solutions that use ecommerce applications.

We have a team of highly qualified developers and designers, who have a proficiency in making B2B, B2C applications and expert in portal development . They use their technical expertise and offers complete solutions to the high end user. They are well versed in the techniques of marketing and advertising. They redefine the foundations of cut throat competition in terms of information content and information delivery mechanisms.

Area Of Expertise
  • Magento Development
  • Opencart Development
  • ZenCart Development
  • Cubercart Development
Three Types Of Ecommerce Business

B2B Business to business applications are one of the ecommerce applications, that helps in forging a new kind of relationship between the businesses. It offers new opportunities for the businesses, to expand globally, including exclusive facilities for products/ services between companies, selling of products and services over the internet and much more.

B2C Business to Customer applications are another kind of ecommerce applications, that enables businesses to have a direct exchange of communication with their customers. The best example is none other than a retail website, that features the company's products and services in such a way, that allows customers to purchase the products without any difficulty. For some industries, reaching customers is a one critical aspect of their business. And without customers, there is no business.

Others that are running a retail sector, for them, BC2 applications have become the most important strategy for their online sales. B2C has been remained in the top list of web application development.

B2B2C Business to Business to Customer is one of the emerging aspect of ecommerce business. It is a process where BCB application is used to support and rejuvenate companies attempting B2C applications.

Why Choose US?
  • We use industry's best technology for ecommerce website design. Some of these include, hardware components like firewalls, routers, servers, etc and a variety of other software products. We constantly upgrade our software technologies to meet the fast growing e-commerce challenges.
  • The B2C applications developed by us helps in reducing the overall costs of your businesses. They also improve your B2C services by incurring profit through online sales.
  • Our ecommerce web developers and designers work in accordance with the clients web design and development specifications. We offer customized solutions at affordable prices.
  • We offer high quality customer services and enhanced supply chain management.
  • We have offshore clients and have been serving them from half past century. We cater to the needs of every individual.
  • We use a cutting-edge technology and help increase your online website sales with proven SEO strategies.

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